First Day of School

Elliott’s been dropping Natalie off at preschool from the time he was in utero, so when I told him that he got to go to school soon too, he was thrilled.  The first day was a little tough – the teacher wanted the class to go outside too soon after they arrived, and he definitely didn’t want to give up his play on the train table.   He even skipped snack time (a big sacrifice for Elliott) to get back to the train table.

But he was ready to go back the next week.  “I go to school!  With Mama!” (Did I mention its Mom & Tots?)  He had rushed down the stairs, waiting for me to put on his shoes, well before I was fully dressed or had our stuff packed.

Isn’t he just the most adorable scholar you’ve seen?

1st day of school 1 1st day of school 2

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