Post Dinner Playtime

Usually after dinner we have 15-30 min to play before it’s time to get ready for bed. It offend takes a few times before the kids will agree. Natalie often suggests drawing, Clue, or an imaginative game. Elliott suggests ninja, superheroes, tag, etc. last night they finally agreed on “Store” (Natalie’s suggestion but Elliott could make it his own). 

Natalie’s store was “Chloe’s Botique” where you get banana split tea and cupcakes upon entry. I got my hair washed, combed, dyed, and colored – as well as a skin treatment. A for only ten dimes! Jordan got his eyebrows plucked. 

On the other hand, Elliott’s store was a ninja training camp – in the sewers. When we asked the cost of attending, he said:

No coins. No dollars. No cash. Nothing!   

(When he saw Natalie’s coins later he regretted offering his services for free). 

Jordan went to Elliott’s store first and had to shower (in the tent) before going to the boutique. 
I love playing with them!!!(random pics below)

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