Elliott the Dad

Elliott is the Dad to his two RoRos and Leopard. They are brothers. 

Favorite RoRo is the luckiest. He gets to go the most places like to the park in Boston and eat ice cream. The other RoRo is adeptly named “Other RoRo”. It is easy to distinguish the two of them. Favorite is lighter because he is older (nat’s gift to Elliott at birth). And he has a flat bigger corner from rubbing and sucking. Other RoRo was a back up in case the first go lost but they don’t look enough alike for that to pass to Elliott. 


Me. Elliott are Your loveys brothers or cousins or friends?

Elliott. Brothers of course

Me. If Leopard is A brother too why does he look so different?

Elliott. He is a Leopard of course. 

Me. Who do you look more like: RoRos or Leopard?

Elliott.  (Without hesitation) Well RoRos but I don’t have four ears. Well actually I do have four ears. Two are invisible. 

Me. Are they right here? (Then I stuck my fingers in his nostrils – he obviously loved it! And we played that for awhile longer)

Love what is in his mind!!

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