Best Play Ever

Natalie has been preparing for her Kinder performance since January. The big night was tonight!!! It’s based on Where the Wild Things Are but the kids added a lot of their own. Natalie was a sister triplet. I don’t remember that in the original book! All kids were working on projecting their voices so us adults weren’t even allowed to whisper during the performance. Natalie was a super-projector – so much so that she got a couple chuckles afterwards. (Luckily she didn’t pick up on it). That’s my girl! Stellar student – and actress apparently!

I kept her brother occupied with peanuts and dried fruit. (He did seem to like it a lot – he kept whispering or calling out during the performance!). It will be significantly harder on Sat when she has a 3-hr dance receital!!

Cast party followed. We baked cookies – a hit of course. Theo (Alison’s boyfriend) came to see Nat but stayed for the cookies. (Or Alison!). Some kids had juice, cookies, cupcakes and brownies on their plates. I wonder if they still haven’t gone to bed yet, post sugar high. 

So lucky to have the best kindergarten teacher ever!  Mrs B really has found her calling. 

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