Mothers Day with My Mom

My mom came in for Natalie’s recital. I do wish we lived closer to family because I know she has many other fans who would have liked to come. That’s one of the only downsides to western mass, but it’s a big one. 

Anyways we were lucky to celebrate Mother’s Day – and her 39th wedding anniversary with her. Here are some pics from the weekend. She also stayed to read at the kids schools. Both kids have had both grandmothers read at their school this month. Lucky kids!  Natalie’s last time seeing Grandma was at school though so you can see she went from super excited (pic reading) to sad (goodbye hug). And Elliott asked Grandma to be a part of his family. She explained that she was but just didn’t live with him. Then he asked her to move in. She laughed and said maybe one day we will see a lot more of her than we would like. Thanks for being an awesome Mom and Grandma!!

It was also grandparents day at school today. Mom had to head to the airport so I got to be Elliott’s guest. He was surprisingly serious and purposeful in showing me around. Here’s a pic on the wall. 

He is probably expecting a Nana and Pop day next. I don’t think he knows those are simply other names for grandparents!
Ps we are so lucky to have young parents!! All four of the kids grandparents are much more able bodied and active than many of the grandparents I saw tonight. Count our blessings. 
Pps. Kids and jordan gave me a great Mother’s Day too!  Tons of homemade gifts , jewelry and ice cream!

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