Story Land (NH)

Jordan is celebrating his 36th birthday… in New Hampshire… in the White Mountains… at Story Land. Best described as a cross between Bay Beach (in Green Bay) and Disney World. I type as he is about to go on a Turtle Twirl…. after I nearly hurled on the Flying Fish. Natalie loves these spin rides. He has probably gone on tea cups a dozen times over two days. Update: oh no. elliott looks like he is about to puke as I watch them on this ride!

My favorite was a 0.6 mile hike to Diana’s Falls. The kids digged it too. Nat was leaping across rocks and Elliott transformed into a robot. 

We also stopped at Dartmouth on the way. Gotta start the College tours young. (Just kidding!). It was an easy half way point and the kids loved climbing on a sculpture.  We gave Jordan his bday presents early. He got a matching shirt with Elliott! Handsome boys in blue v-necks!

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