A day of work

Kids worked hard this morning – at the Moms Club almost mile race on the town green. 

And then this afternoon with their first lemonade (and cookie) stand. Cookies or lemonade – $1 each. Made $12 and had fun playing with friends. 

Dads in the background “marketing” (aka texting neighbors to let them know we are open for business). 

After cleaning up, we had 20 min to go to the toy store and spend our earnings – on Dino’s and stuffed animals  usually I would try to promote saving or sharing but today we just went for the fun. 

At bed time we read a book about Rubble (from paw patrol) getting three wishes. I asked elliott what he would wish for. He gave me two guesses. I said that Dino’s were real… I mean Dino’s weren’t extinct. He counted that as two and told me I wasn’t right. That surprised me. A few min later he said his wish was for more Mommies so that one when of me went to work there would be another one ready to play all the time. 

I can take that two ways – feel guilty or feel grateful. I’m taking the latter. 

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