Hula Triceratops 

We went to a Hawaiian themed birthday party tonight. On the walk home, Elliott transformed into a Triceratops. Here is a pic of him running towards me to “power up” the stroller (which later resulted in him getting his head stuck). 

My sweet little boy raced all the way home barefoot – stopping for breaks for the Triceratops to block me of course. At one point he was racing me to a truck and shouted: I’m letting you beat me. I made it there first and I leaned over to give him a hug. Before I could even say thanks and give him a compliment, he said “I know” with a big grin. 

I’m such a lucky mom. 

Nat and I also cleaned out her room this weekend – hauling the equivalent of 3 laundry baskets of stuff out of there. What a pack rat! So many treasures. 

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