Another smart cookie – Elliott

Elliott’s parent-teacher conference isn’t for another few weeks, but I’ve been so impressed with him lately!  Tonight, we were reading an Arthur book about a Spellathon, and he confidently said he’d win his spellathon at his school because he knows how to spell out the words.  I asked him DOG and CAT, and he got both right on the first try!  We tried BIG and BED next – some trouble with the short vowel sounds, but he did great with the consonants.

Even more impressively, this was a conversation the other day….

Elliott: “Mom, did you know that 10, one time is 10.  10 two times is 20.  10 three times in 30.  10 four times is 40.  10 five times is 50.  10 six times is 60.  10 seven times is 70.  10 eight times is 80.  10 nine times is 90.  and 10 ten times is 100.”

Me: “Whoa, bud, that is amazing.  How do you know that?”

Elliott: “Its easy peasy.  I can just figure it out in my head.  And, do you know that five four times is 20?”

Now, to be fair, he struggled today when Auntie Becky – a math teacher – quizzed him on two different ways to make 10.  So, we’ll work on that next.  But, what’s best, is he seems to like learning and is proud of his learning.  He’s also learned so many letters and improved his writing so much this year.  I cannot believe my baby is really getting kindergarten ready!

Elliott snow

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