Natalie’s parent-teacher conference

Natalie had her second parent-teacher conference of the year!  I’m so proud of our star student!

  • She is reading above grade level.  She was even chosen as one of the two best readers in the class to read at an assembly for black history month!  She’s probably at K level, but only “needs” to be at “I” by the end of the year.
  • She wrote that her favorite subject is “siyents” (science).  She loves the science-related kits and projects that Aunt Becky and Uncle Mike have gotten her, and her favorite constellation is Orion, I believe.  She esp. likes chemistry.
  • She wants to get better at her writing.  (She works really hard at her writing and is a good writer – but wants to get even better.)  At the beginning of the year, she wrote a “small moments” book about our trip to Cape Cod and used a lot of detail.  She really likes writing how-to books, like how to make a pepperoni pizza.  She recently wrote a book about her favorite color and opened with an interesting question to grab the reader’s attention.  (The book was about the color blue, which isn’t really her favorite color but the teacher chose pink and Natalie knew she wasn’t supposed to copy that.)
  • She works well with others – even her math partner who sometimes picks his nose and recently “blamed” her for “pushing him” off the stand-up desk, even though he really just fell.  (This was a BIG deal to Natalie, who is a teacher pleaser, and definitely didn’t want to be viewed negatively at all – luckily, a neighbor boy game to her defense.)

She still misses kindergarten – more choice time, and her lovely, caring teacher.  She doesn’t LOVE 1st grade like she loved kindergarten, but I’m happy she seems happy each day (although she cheers for snow days).  Her favorite time of day is usually specials, especially Gym on Tues & Fri and art and technology on Thursday.

We’re so lucky to be the parents of a sweet girl who tries hard and is pretty smart (and cute).

Nat snow day


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