1. The kids and I are headed to Green Bay. We are lucky that Jordan booked a work trip to Chicago on the same flight as ours- so he parked the car, handled our luggage, sit by the kids, etc. what a treat for prego me – 21 weeks with a back ache. But the kids are so good too!! They are old enough to 1) carry their backpacks and luggage, and 2) go in the bathroom stall on their own. Nat is even more helpful – watching our luggage while we are in the stall. And Elliott navigated our way from terminal B to F. Kids love O’hare. The lighted moving walkways. (They beat me to the end)- and the big Dino. We didn’t mind the 3 hour layover since we legit needed an hour to Cross between terminals and then we had a United lounge pass. (Wish we had those passes 8.5
    years ago during a 6 hour layover in South Korea!).

    We are excited for our GB plans! We are going to G and G’s cabin one hour north on Half Moon Lake. (Rumor has it there is an ice cream store near that sells Superman and Blue Moon ice cream – which can only be found in the Midwest). The kids LOVE Bay Beach – best priced carnival rides ever! It’s hard to spend more than $20 a family there on rides and treats! And I am going to take them to on of the pools where I used to be a lifeguard. It’s been converted to a mini water park. And…. Nat really wants to get her ears pierced! We are going to go the same place I went. (Confession: I got mine pierced the day after Becky did!).

  2. random cute comments
  3. Hey. Grandma. Have you ever had a nickname? Like slow poke or tortoise? – Natalie 

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