Dinosaur Date Day

Jordan had a super special date with Natalie to the ballet in the Berkshires, so I had to come up with a great one for Elliott. We traveled an hour south into CT to go to the Dinosaur Place. It’s mostly statues of Dino’s in their authentic size, plus a Trex tour (climbing area), maze and splash pad. Elliott insisted of taking a photo of he and every dino to show Dad. I think I have 30+.

First stop – volcanic explosion!

Check out those 3-foot claws! (and the adorable double I love you sign from Elliott – this was a pic he wanted to send to Jordan immediately upon taking)

I love you Triceratops. (He and I disagreed on whether this was an actual Triceratops replica or in the family of Triceratops. Either way, gotta love Ceratopsians!)

This heavily armored guy is in the anklosaur family but isn’t an ankylsorous. It was the only pic of the two of us… I don’t like it much b/c I feel like I look chubby, but I guess my stomach is the same size as his snout.

From afar, we thought this was Maiamosaur, who is always mentioned as a good mother dino. We were surprised to find this parasaurlophus is in the same family and also is known for taking care of her young.

Shh – don’t tell anyone we hopped on this 8-foot, 80-lb dino found in the CT River Valley, who had many characteristics of a carnivore, but was later found out to be an herbivore.

This last picture is going to be the picture Elliott brings to kindergarten.  It’s replacing a photo of him dressed up as an astronaut at the CT Science Center, where all you could see is his smiling face in a dimly lit room.  I have to say, I’ve learned A LOT about dinos and space in the past year from this kiddo.  I haven’t caught up to his knowledge on Transformer, I’m struggling to get as interested in this topic.

We ended the day with dinotracks ice cream (vanilla with fudge swirls, fudge pieces, M&Ms, cookie dough – YUM!) and chocolate lovers chocolate ice cream.  We definitely missed Jordan and Natalie, but what a fabulous way to spend the last Sunday of summer vacation.

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