Mass Moca

? on our way to Mass Moca in the Berkshires. These kids are cracking us up.

Nat: I’m a witch! I’m a witch!

jordan: nothing about you is like a witch. Not your cuteness. Not your smile. Not the way you dress

nat: what about my wart? (A personnel wary that she has had on her thumb)

jordan: laughing  well maybe that  and your breath in the morning


then Nat was being silly and entertaining Elliott with a song: made in China (which is where her journal was made) after awhile, I turned down an imaginary volume knob


fro the back elliott said: you turned it the wrong way! And proceeded to get louder



once we got there, elliott wasn’t the biggest modern art fan  we were examining these huge swatches of color  I said purple made me think of eggplant and blue of the sea  elliott put his face within an inch of a red one  I asked what that made him think of he said the most boring thing of the world  totally serious







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