Elliott’s Pre-K work

“The best part about me is my heart… because it give me life”

Those are planets. The Ethan and Elliott planet is closest to the sun. At the top, “those are just us”

I kinda forgot most of how I made this. Sorry.

We are retiring 3-year-old PK (left) and 4-year-old PK (right) folders! I love my dino-loving, super hero-ready

Although its nearly 9 p.m., Elliott is having trouble sleeping, so he snuck downstairs at exactly the right time, for me to learn more about these pictures.  Elliott asked Jordan and me why we aren’t in bed.  Jordan asked back, why isn’t he in bed.  Elliott’s response: “I’m sleepy but I just cannot sleep.”  I offered up that he could fall asleep in our bed – he had a huge smile and then asked if he could sleep with my fluffy pillow, which is a big body pillow that I had to buy due to Blueberry.  The kids both want “Fluff Fluff” (named by Natalie) and “Fuzzy” (named by Elliott) when I’m done being prego.

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