Field Trip and Doc Visits

I wanted to squeeze in being a chaperone on a field trip before baby #3 comes. Elliotts class went to a farm – perfect for their age: not too scary hay ride, small corn maze with two exits, small cider donuts. (Ok he would have preferred large cider donuts! But I bought some extra to take back to big sis)

And, no surprise, he was a very kind host  he picked out his tshirt to match my earrings  he insisted on sitting by me on the bus and on the hay ride  On the way back, he used my growing belly as a pillow  (Blueberry didn’t seem to mind – in fact, it was probably much preferable to his full body squish that he prefers before bed, even though he says it’s way less comfortable than four months ago)

Also in other exciting news, Blueberry was measuring a little behind during my regular check up, but good news – 2 weeks later, I had an ultrasound as a more precise measurement and she is at the 55th percentile!! 2 lbs 12 oz  I’m just over 28 weeks

in less good news Nat’s bike wheel got caught in a grove so she tipped a slightly sprained her wrist  She was brave when it happened and at the ER




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