Blueberry is Overripe

This winter break has been a tough one. The stomach bug struck Elliott on 12/21, Nat on 12/23, me on 12/25 and Jordan on 12/26. So we were thankful that my mom was here as of Christmas night to help and that Blueberry’s due date came and went with no action. Now s/he is five days late with no action and I’m getting a bit more eager. I am experienced in this waiting game. Nat was four days late and Elliott seven. I apparently like to over bake my babies. And bake them Big.

This was Natalie’s little Christmas outfit, which we packaged away without any usage this Christmas. (Much to Natalie’s relief, as she didn’t want to share it)

Mom says we cannot open Blueberry’s presents to us until s/he comes!

Elliott is really protective of his position as self proclaimed “jumbo baby” at 9 lbs 15 oz. so he wants the baby out a lot too. Nat told me yesterday that it would be the perfect day for the baby to come because Lala and Grandma were both here for a period of 4 of their awake hours. A short overlap in coverage!

I’m doing fine now that I am not sick. The biggest difference from the other two is that Blueberry likes to dig in to my nerves, which causes shooting pains down my legs. Nat always had her bum sticking out to one side (right I think) and E hung to the left I think.

Here are a few photos of things we’ve done this week while waiting for Blueberry’s arrival.  Since being married, this is only the 2nd Christmas we’ve stayed home for – the first was when Natalie was born in 2010 and was only 6 days old on Christmas.  It feels strange to have so many days off and just be in Longmeadow!

Yum – we introduced Grandma to the best donuts in western Mass…. Donut Dip! (Also our first trip to the store to choose our own – we all chose cream-filled chocolate frosting long johns!)

Cuddly Christmas with Grandma – especially with the new robes! Thank you!

Natalie and Grandma also made a trip to the library for a winter crafting session.

Despite months of ice skating lessons, still unsure on his own… he lasted <10 min.

Nat was super uncomfortable at first and by the end, was asking if they could go next weekend.

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