Lego-Mania and Wrestle-Mania

Two of Elliott’s favorite interests are Legos and Wrestling.

Here was his Christmas list:

His dream came true – he got his #1 lego set (Voltron) for Christmas from Nana and more from Grandma too.  (A huge thanks to our neighbor who works at Lego and scored us some good deals!)  Elliott had seen the wrapped Voltron box underneath the tree for weeks – he guessed it right away.  I joked with him that it was a pillow – he would shake it, lift it up and say “Mom, tell the truth.”  He opened it on Christmas Eve and started right away (first pic).  And worked on it everyday for six days straight – likely putting in 40-50 hours in total.  If he got paid, he would have needed over-time.  He did almost all the building by himself, more than 2000 pieces, for ages 16+.  He is so proud.  I’m super impressed too.  There have been a couple meltdowns with the actual assembly because its challenging to get the mega pieces together.  (My hunch is that the arms aren’t staying on because he somehow is missing some of the hinges and he has the left and right arms reversed.)

He also LOVES to wrestle.  That’s what he, Jordan and Natalie are doing as I type.  When we dropped in at his school one day, Jordan was very pleased to see this writing product.

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