It’s all in a Name

Every since Natalie was born, we really liked Clara Grace as a potential girls name.  That would have been Elliott’s name if he was a girl.  Natalie had a ton of other suggestions too: Mia (short for Maria), Hazel, Julia, to name a few.  Elliott decided that Elizabeth Pearl was his favorite, and then Natalie came around to Elizabeth too.  The top contenders for boys name were Tyler, Conor, Henry and Ryan.  Elliott had the suggestion of doing a poll (he does those a lot in school), so Natalie assisted with that.  Here’s where we ended up.

 the number shows how popular the name is

So, Jordan and I liked Conor the most and liked the one n as opposed to the more common two n’s.  (Natalie asked us to change it to two n’s after we submitted the birth certificate – I think because she had made a picture for him with two n’s that she brought to the hospital.)  We debated between David (my dad’s first name), William (Elliott liked the idea of sharing a middle name with him and obviously that’s a Linville family name) and John (my great grandfather Harold’s middle name, who my Dad was close to and who died in 1981, shortly after I was born).  We decided on David!

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