Conference Time

I may have blogged about this before, but it sure is a pleasure to go to parent-teacher conferences when your kids are so amazing.  Here are some highlights:


  • “Sweetest, nicest student who works so hard and cares about everyone”
  • “a great friend”
  • “Takes great pride in her work and sentence structure”
  • “Put a lot of thought into her reflection sheet”.  In her own reflection sheet, she talked about her strengths in reading and writing (because she adds a lot of detail).
  • “Neat hand writing”
  • Top speller in the class
  • In her WIN (what I need) block, she gets to do extension activities because she is beyond grade level… right now, she is working on creative writing and math challenges
  • In math and reading assessments, she went from “above average” in fall to “well above average” in spring.  I think she scored at the 88th percentile in math and 96th in reading
  • The only thing that Natalie needs to work on is being more confident in herself at school and presenting that confidence in a school setting.  (Don’t tell her that I wrote this on the blog.)


  • “Elliott makes us smile everyday”
  • “He is respectful and smart.  He makes the classroom safe for all students.”
  • “He puts his whole self into his work”
  • “He is so empathetic – remember the wrinkled heart activity”
  • Likes a variety of activities in choice time – art, stacking cups, blocks.  He has a lot of interests and a lot of friends
  • He wrote his whole story independently – great job in phonetic spelling and taking a risk on tough words (e.g. straight to the hospital)
  • Strong on comprehension
  • Elliott made this amazing portfolio, showcasing his growth since the start of the school year.  Math is beyond a favorite activity – he is well beyond grade level.  His teachers stopped him at counting at 200, but one of his proudest moments is that he has counted up to 1,375.  He really could do everything he needed to do – can graph, can independently sort words, can read all the word wall words.  He is reading at grade level.  The reading still hasn’t “clicked” for him – he needs to work hard at decoding, but we are working on it.
  • He wrote and illustrated the sweetest story about going to the hospital to meet Conor (see below).
  • He recognizes that he needs to continue working on his speech and he sees the speech therapist 3x/week at school.  And we’re doing work at home on it too.  (Don’t tell him that I wrote this on the blog.)

Elliott’s Story

Hapy Day (Happy Day)

As soon as I lit sool, I wet shrat to the hasdl.  (As soon as I left school, I went straight to the hospital.)

Nanu pot the cor and we wet in to the hasdl.  (Nana parked the car and we went into the hospital.)

I hodi Conor and I opin u prezit frum Conor. (I held Conor and I opened a present from Conor.)

I fil hape that Conor is in my famuly. (I feel happy that Conor is in my family.)


We are so lucky to have great teachers for our kids.  Seriously, teachers do God’s work.  We trust them with the most important people in the world to us and its amazing how much they learn together.  I especially love how caring Mrs. Brydges (Elliott’s first grade teacher) is.  She also uses centers to engage kids in the learning.  I like how Ms. Anderson (Natalie’s 2nd grade teacher) uses the workshop model in math, so its a lot of hands-on learning too.  I’m very proud that my sister Becky is an awesome 4th grade teacher – I’ve seen her teach, so I can attest to that.  Her students are so lucky to have her too.

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