Lucky Irish

Grandma was here for an early St. Patrick’s day celebration, while Jordan had a work trip to Orlando.  She read The Circus Ship (about animals being shipwrecked on an island in Maine) to both Elliott’s and Natalie’s classes.  (See picture below  – it was the last school day before St. Patrick’s Day.) Isn’t Elliott’s bow tie the best? (A Grandma gift!)Here’s a pic of the world’s cutest little leprechaun (once again, purchase credit to Grandma)

Jordan and I ran in our 4th Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day race.  I thought it was pretty impressive that I was running <10 weeks post-partum, but I was upstaged by Irish Elvis here.  We both ran our slowest 10k ever…. it was one of the most enjoyable.  He had a mini speaker, playing Elvis tunes on repeat.  And throughout the race, I heard cheers of “The King is Alive!,” “Elvis is in the house,” “Elvis has left the building,” “Where are your blue suede shoes?”

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!!

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