Happy 6th Birthday, Elliott!!!

Happy 6th Birthday, Elliott!!!

Food was a focal point of the birthday celebration.  Per Elliott’s request…. pancakes for breakfast, sausage for dinner and S’mores milkshake for dessert!  He and I came up with the base – vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge swirl, mini marshmallows and graham cracker pieces.  Natalie took it to another level with her suggestion of whip cream topped with a girl scout s’mores cookie.  She may have a future at a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop…. or maybe they will go into business together for a E&N Ice Cream Shoppee!

Another theme to this birthday celebration was Voltron, the defender of the universe.  If you are a regular blog reader, you may remember that he got the Voltron lego set from Nana and Pop at Christmas, and he finished the 2,000+ piece, 16+ years and older set in less than 6 days.  I was able to find matching Voltron t-shirts for Jordan and Elliott; they don’t make Voltron onesies, so I made my own.  Maybe I have a future in baby clothing design.  He also got a Voltron plastic toy, black lion plastic toy and two Voltron books (Shiro the black lion and Keith the red lion), so he was hyped up right before bed.  I’m sure the sugar didn’t help.

Bros before… wait, this is a 6-year-old bday caption. Guy time.

Wait, Conor is covering up my Voltron t-shirt! (real quote)

I love you Mom, but enough with the pictures – I haven’t barely even gotten to play legos. (real quote)


“Mom, I just have to do a set-up for Elliott’s birthday dinner; he’s going to love it.” – Natalie (She was write – it was one of his gratitudes at dinner)

The entire family got to be Royal Readers in his kindergarten classroom too!  He and another boy greeted us outside of the classroom and walked us in… to a line up of Kinder kids bowing.  Elliott led us to the reading circle, and I read The Good Egg (a recent book given to us by Grandma), which is about not stressing about being perfect.  (Advice that I’m just now realizing I should have taken tonight, as I rushed around tonight to clean up the house before the cleaning lady came, make sure the kids bathed before Jordan’s trip to NY tomorrow and executed a fun birthday celebration.)  Elliott also got to do show and tell… he showed a mini rhino rubber figurine from the Lincoln Park Zoo (in honor of the rhino King, also born in 2013 but weighing 80 lbs upon birth, not 9 lbs 15 oz), a picture of he and Lala, the lego red lion (in honor of two interests – legos and Voltron) and a gymnastics medal (to which Max proudly piped up that he was in that class with Elliott too).

We were the Royal Family (of Readers) in Mrs. Brydges’ Kindergarten class!

We are going to have an at-home birthday when the weather warms up, which will include a scavenger hunt that leads the boys to legos to make cars for a lego car race down the ramp Elliott and Dad are making.  And although we didn’t have any extended family in for his actual birthday, Elliott enjoyed celebrating a little early with Grandma this weekend.  And he got cards/emails/texts/presents from Florida (N&P, M&P), Illinois (JAC, even a neighbor from Grove St who has never met him), Wisconsin (G&G, Marxes), New York (sitter Gina), and Alaska (Aunt Leah).  And, I’m sure I’m missing some folks.

Elliott is about 50 lbs – we have a doctor’s appointment next month.  And here is a list of his favorites!

  • Foods: Sausage, hot dogs, peanut butter, peanuts and mangos, ice cream.  
  • Musician: ELVIS (to Dad’s delight).  His favorite song is Jailhouse Rocks; he also sings Viva Las Vegas (he lies to say Viga).  
  • Sports/Activities: Baseball, soccer, basketball, gymnastics and ninja class (your fav).  He’s also becoming a stronger swimmer – he can kick far while holding his breathe. 
  • Toys: Legos.  
  • Color: Red, followed by blue
  • Board Games: Clue Junior, Old Maid, Mermaid Game, Candy Land, Jenga, Sequence.  He’s moved from needing to play on my team with most of these to playing on his own this year!
  • Dinosaur: Velociraptor, followed by Stegosaurus and then T-rex
  • Transformer: Optimus Prime (same as last year)
  • Superhero: Batman (same as last year)
  • Stuffed Animals: Roro, Roro’s sister (a pink one that Conor gave him, per your request), Other Roro, Leopard, Dog Dog, a blue Velociraptor (that he made at Build a Bear with Nana and Pop).  +25 more
  • Animal: Rhino and bald eagle are tied, followed by the death stalker scorpion
  • Shows: Voltron and Captain Underpants.  
  • Books: Who would win?, Magic Treehouse, Shiro (a Voltron book from Grandma)
  • Word: Butt (Even in your writing and drawing at school, he finds ways to squeeze it in sideways or another sneaky way.  
  • Best Date: In the summer, Elliott and I took an all-day trip to a Dinosaur park in southern CT, where he took pictures with every one of the 35+ large dinosaur statues and played on the dinosaur playground.
  • Trip: He shared that our trip to Burlington, VT, (Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!) and Montreal (he loved the hike up Mount Real to see the cross). This was last April.
  • Subjects and School Update: Math, Science, Social Studies (e.g. countries), P.E, Technology
  • Planet: Earth, followed by Jupiter due to the Red Spot and the fact that Jupiter’s gravitational pull takes in a lot of asteroids, without which Earth would be destroyed (Editor’s note: I don’t know if this is true or not but he legit probably read it in a book and seems to make sense to me.)
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