Conor’s Baptism

Conor David was baptized on May 10th!  We were so lucky that Fr. CJ was able to do a Friday afternoon baptism, so that Nana, Pop, Grandma, Grandpa Dave (godfather), Becky, Cameron, Natalie (godmother), Elliott, Jordan and I could all be there. It was a perfect and intimate ceremony.  When I first asked my dad to be the godfather, he said “Are you sure they let old men do that?”  I explained that he would be paired with Natalie (who technically isn’t quite old enough to be a godmother – you’re supposed to be confirmed first), who could take over when he was legit “too old.”  Plus, we figured if you averaged their ages – (62 + 8) / 2 = 35 years, which is perfect.

Conor was a dream during his baptism of course.  No crying.  Just taking it all in.  He wore the slip of the baptismal gown that Natalie and Elliott wore and Nana made.  At more than 4 months and a big baby to start, there was no way he was fitting in that original gown!  Nana will stitch in his name.

There were way more cute stories to go with this weekend, but it was almost 2 weeks ago, so I’m forgetting.  I’m struggling to keep my head above water!

My Aunt Becky is baby crazy!

Oof. Who’s the jumbo baby now?

I could use a snack

Whose dress is longer – mine or my sister’s?

Um, I have a question!

Why is my mom posing like a superhero?

One-on-two time with my parents! Yippee! This never happens

Why am I at church on a Friday?

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