Happy 4.5 Months, Conor!

So…. Conor’s 4-month mark was right in the midst of that busy baptism/first communion/recital weekend, so I postponed his 4-month check-up.  (This was due to the vaccinations – who wants a crabby/fussy/tired baby with guests in town?  I made the mistake of having Natalie’s 2nd month appt the day before we had a bunch of family in for Natalie’s baptism.)  And, then I had to postpone his doc appt b/c Jordan was out of town.  So, finally, the update.

I finally got to meet this Lala character that my brother and sister told me so much about – she’s a legend and I can see why!

Weight: 20 lbs, 2 oz. (Funny story – the nurse put him on the scale and had the first measure at 10 lbs and then was going up with the 2nd one, one lb. at a time…. she made it all the way up to 10 + 10 lbs and then finally gave up, moved the first measure to 20 lbs and added on the 2 oz. more.)  Of course, he’s in the 98th+ percentile.  This compares to Natalie at 16.5 lbs (although much shorter) and Elliott at 18.5 lbs (90-95th percentile b/c apparently I hadn’t been giving the sitter enough food for him).  You should check out Elliott’s 4-month milestone update – http://linvilleusa.com/2013/07/happy-4-months-elliott/ –  and Elliott’s 4-month weigh-in post – http://linvilleusa.com/2013/07/e/.
Height: 28 inches (vs. Elliott’s 26.5 inches)
Head Circumference: Off the charts

Why does my mom “save time” by not buttoning all my snaps? How embarrassing.

Milestones: He can do a quarter-turn rollover, which is what his sister was doing at this age, although Elliott could do a full rollover.  He babbles a ton – as Becky says, sounds like heaven on Earth.  He is drooling a ton – I can see a little bit of white through his bottom gums.  He’s giggled a couple times – mostly when he is tickled under his chin or you do a raspberry on his belly.  He is quick to smile.

Disposition: Pretty happy boy!  Sometimes, he wakes up and just babbles in his crib.  His car rides are mostly just around town, like dropping his siblings off at school, but he does a good job.  Now that its nicer, we’ve gone on a few walks in his stroller.

Fun activities: He likes his activity play mat and toys / towels / loveys he can easily grab. He’s not sure quite what to make of the stand-up play gym.  He loves to look at himself in the mirror and be held up bouncing on your legs.  When he wants to chill out, he likes to be in his rock ‘n play and look at the gel things on the back window (the holiday / spring ones that Grandma always sends).  He likes to actively kick in the bathtub.  And, of course, he loves just to be in the mix with Natalie and Elliott – they play with him very differently and he watches very different types of play between the two of them.

Books: We read a lot of Five Little Lady Bugs, That’s Not my Dinosaur, Belly Button Book and Spot Bakes a Cake.  (Not too long and easy to hold)

Schedule: Three naps a day.  He isn’t up for any more than 2 hours at a time and sometimes sleeps for up to 3 hours.  If he’s not up by 8am, I wake him up to start the day and then he’ll nap by 9:30.  Today, he was up on his own around 7:40am and yawning by 9:05am (so I put him down and he missed 9:30 mass).  He probably wakes up about once at night – sometimes I feed him, other times I send in Jordan.

A common question I get is: How is life with three kids? My co-worker always answers this question with, “It’s just more crazy.”  And truth be told, its my oldest who gives me a run for my money, as she continues to test out her independence.  It’s very busy – definitely, less time for blog updates, not working out everyday, less work in evenings / weekends which leaves me perpetually feeling behind since I’m also working an 80% schedule – but it’s working (knock on wood).  I do feel very lucky to have three healthy, smart, beautiful, (mostly) kind kids… and a very involved husband.

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