Wishful thinking

All weekend, Elliott has been planning what police and mountain police lego sets he wants next.  He’s literally approached me a dozen times, with lego books in hand, with various plans for when he’s going to get which set when and how he’ll either earn the money or maybe get a gift. Unfortunately for him, he’s spent most of his birthday and Christmas money – he began the weekend with just $19.  I offered that he could earn an allowance this summer, but he wanted to start earlier.  So, he unloaded the dishwasher twice for me and got $1 each time, so he’s up to $21.  (He declined emptying two bathroom trashes for a quarter – what?!? only a quarter?!?)

Tonight, when we were cuddling before bed, he said “In my journal, I wrote that I got the lego police set.”

Me: “You wrote that you actually got it?”

Elliott: “Yeah, there wasn’t anything else from this weekend that I wanted to write about.”

Me: “Well, then you wrote fiction.”

Elliott: “Well, but yeah, but I didn’t want to write about anything else from this weekend.”

Me: “You could have wrote that you unloaded the dishwasher to earn more for the lego police station.”

Elliott: “I don’t want the word ‘dishwasher’ in my journal!”

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