My youngest son is brilliant

It’s crazy how big Conor is getting!  Jordan was playing a game with him yesterday.  Jordan coughs and Conor thinks its hilarious, so he giggles.  So precious!  So, today, we walked to the park and we were swinging Conor.  He started pretend coughing too, so that we would cough!

Also, tonight, the kids were reading a Ricky Rocotta’s Might Robot book, and Conor parroted “robot” four times.  The first time was “ro ro bot,” which Elliott loved, since its a combination of Roro (his lovey) and a robot.  Of course, I don’t think he associated the sounds with an object, but still.  It also sounds like he says “hi” sometimes.

Also, today, Elliott was asking me what the highest currency note was.  We learned that they used to go up to $5,000.  When he found out that Hamilton was on the $10 bill, he goes “Hamilton – I know him.”  I said, “What do you know about him; I don’t know that much.”  He said, “He was George Washington’s man something.”  I said, “Do you mean right-hand man?”  Elliott: “Yeah!  That means he was like second in charge.”  And then we came across the phrase right hand man later on in the day too!

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