Happy 1st Birthday (party) Conor!

After being sick for an entire week over Christmas break, I wasn’t sure if we could pull together a 1-year-old birthday party for Conor.  But, we did and I’m glad we did!  Natalie and I made banana cupcakes, which were a big hit – with Conor and everyone else.  He loves bananas.  We had some of our good family friends over to help celebrate – our house was able to host the ~25 people very well (whew).  The average kids age at the party was probably 7, so this 1-year-old bday party skewed old.  You can tell below that Conor was surprised by all the attention.  His bff 1-year-old Sarah wasn’t able to come (she had a fever), but we were lucky to have the Klattes, Baldens, Glasses (who just moved back to Longmeadow a week ago), Monges (well, 1 kid Monge) and Bauers (somehow missing from the photo) here.

I’m not sure what I think about this cream cheese frosting

But this banana cake is delicious!!

Would you like to try some?

Um, what’s going on here?!?

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