Happy 9th Birthday, Natalie

(Almost 3 weeks late – back-dated to Dec. 30th, so that it shows up in the Dec posts, but actually finished on Jan. 7th)

Happy 9th Birthday, Natalie!!  

How we celebrated: A few weeks before your birthday, I took Natalie and 3 friends rock climbing in CT and then we went out for ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s – yum!  Natalie had dance the night of her actual birthday, so we had a birthday dinner of grilled cheese the night before. And ice cream sundaes a couple days later. She liked and appreciated that I decorated the dining room a lot. 

Favorite Foods: Grilled cheese, pancakes, mac and cheese, hamburgers.  Our compromise foods that she will eat to be healthy are eggs and yellow peppers.  She is kinda a picky eater and don’t really eat that much. 

Favorite Movies: Home Alone (1 and 2), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (1 and 2), Leap, Elf, Matilda, The Intern, Happy Feet, Back to the Future (1 and 2 – 3, not so much)

Favorite Games: Connect Four, Sorry, Trouble, Clue, Guess Who, Sequence, Monopoly

Favorite Books: Babysitters Club Graphic Novels (they currently have 7).  She also likes Raina Telameier books, like Guts and Smile. One of my fav books to read with her his year was Matilda… we’re also reading a collection of biographical short stories about siblings.  We just finished Stephen Colbert and the Manning brothers tonight. 

Activities: Ballet, soccer, basketball, swimming just for fun

School: A conscientious student who follows directions and tries hard (usually).  She does very well.  She reads above grade level.  She likes science a lot too.  Gym is her favorite special, although she just took a recorder home from music class and have been (unfortunately) playing that.  She is not bad; its just the recorder is not the prettiest-sounding instrument.

Quirks: Germ-a-phobe.  She washes your hands all the time. Y

Personality: Hilarious.  Sweet. Kind.  Helpful.  Particular.  Debater.  Negotiator.  

P.S. I just kicked Natalie out of my room.  It’s past 9:30 p.m.!  She left with a “You’re my baking buddy,” to which I always respond “You’re my chocolate chip.”

Climb on!

An uncommon moment of N & E love

Happy bday Nana!

My little baking buddy!

This is Natalie in the little rocking chair Grandma bought for her house when Natalie was 10 months old!

Big sister caretaker

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