On MLK weekend we tried to ski on Sunday. Butternut was filled so we went to the hardware store, bought $80 of sleds and headed to a rough hill (bumps and bruises).  Then, we went snow-hiking (1.5 miles round-trip in 1.25 hours) in while Alison stayed with Conor.

Gotta love this cute little snow angel

Yes, that is me (Erin) on the right. This WI girl knows how to dress for the weather! (Meanwhile, my daughter is slowly killing me by wearing a fall fleece and non-water-proof gloves.)

Is this the pic with the frozen waterfall in the back? Sorry, I don’t think so, but the 3 of them are even more appealing.

And, perhaps less appealing…. sadly, this isn’t the weirdest photo. Natalie’s uber-goofy side was shining strong by the end of this hike, but those pics may not be internet-appropriate.

Then J N E and Alison went skiing on Mon. Nat even did four black diamonds. Tag Jordan here to add photos!!

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