Happy 1st Birthday, Conor!!

(2.5 weeks late)

Happy 1st Birthday, Conor!  Wow – what a year.  His personality is shining through, and it’s really fun to be by him. I’m so glad he is a part of our family.  

Look at me – I’m one!

Weigh-in: 26 lbs (95th+ percentile), 31 inches (75th percentile), still a big head.  Natalie was about 24 lbs 9 oz and Elliott was 25 and change.

Nicknames: C-Man, Boody (even though that’s really Elliott’s nickname from when he was little), Bud.  It kinda seems like we’re lacking in the nicknames.

Personality: Cute, happy, and a mixture between particular (like his big sis) and easy going (like his big bro).  He does have to be more flexible than Nat had to be… after all, he’s a third child.)  Loud and likes to talk.  I want to write that he wakes up singing and smiling, but that’s not true. And he does fuss on the diaper changing table and sometimes when I’m getting him in his car seat.  (On 1/23, we took a walk to the library and that got too long from him… he reached his arms up to me to say “All Done”.) 

Gotta bundle up to get my big bro and sis from school

Favorite Games:  Hide and seek.  Pushes his face up against the glass door in Jordan’s office.  Explores the pantry and cabinets. Claps and he likes when people cheer “Yeah Conor.” (Nat is so encouraging and does this all the time.)

Favorite Books:  5 little lady bugs (#1 favorite – he loves the little lady bugs that pop up; this was a Natalie favorite and hand-me-down from big cousin Trevor).  That’s not my dinosaur (a gift from Grandma, which has been edited by Elliott to be more technically accurate – for example, the swimming “dinosaur” or plesiosaur isn’t actually a dinosaur, so Elliott changed the words to “That’s not a dinosaur.  Dinosaurs only walk on land” and the “spines” at the end of the book, where changed to be “plates”). That’s not my reindeer (a hand-me-down from a friend for Natalie’s 1st birthday). He likes the Karen Katz and Spot lift-the-flap books.

I like to be silly, especially during my epic 40 – 60 min meals. This is my silly “eeee” face, where I shake my fists. This one happens to be after spaghetti. Yum!

Words: He can say the name of everyone in our family, but you haven’t said “Conor” lately.  “Eee” is for Elliott. “Na-Na” is Natalie. Mama and Dada are pretty self-explanatory.  (Added 1/24, in the 2.5 weeks since his birthday, he has also said “balloon” (he got two for his birthday and loves them), blueberry, banana, all done, hi, bye.)

Funny Stuff: He has this funny game where he likes to go “EEE” and pump his arms really excitedly.  He is totally not aware of your body at all, so he often pivots his bum on the ground, which sometimes ends up with him sitting on my face or cheerios all over your bum.   

Motor Skills: He is really good at standing and will even pick up heavy things, like Daddy’s Yeti water bottle, and balance with it.  I thought he would take his first steps while we were in Green Bay for Christmas, but I was wrong.  (He took his first step on 1/13 and six steps on 1/23 to get to a balloon.)  This probably is more fine motor, but he waves (sometimes a little backwards.)  He has given a couple kisses, but these are rare – although he gave one to Lala on his first day of meeting her, when she came to help while Jordan was away.

Look at me – I’m 1! (Thanks for the trike, Grandma!)

Favorite Toys: Balls.  His friend Sarah (who already has a ton of hand-me-down toys) just gave him a bunch of new things, like a keyboard and puzzle. Loves to stack cups, play with balls and mess up our cabinets.  

Favorite Foods: Blueberries (are #1!), clementines (a new fav) bananas, strawberries, oatmeal.  Chicken, broccoli, soft carrots, Gerber, etc. 

Favorite Places: Climbing on the back of the couch.  Going through our cupboards, especially the Tuperware cabinet and dishwasher.  His corner of toys in the living room too. Otherwise, he doesn’t really leave the house too much – weekly trips to church, the library with our awesome nanny Kaitynn and basketball court (to cheer on an older sibling) are about it.

Gotta love my sis time! Isn’t her room beautiful, fun, with lots of little things

Favorite person: I wish I could say me, but he is an independent love bug.  He isn’t too clingy, but he is excited to see your favorite people – Mom (especially when you’re thirsty), Dad (especially in the morning before N & E are awake), Natalie (she gets her smiley cute face right up in yours and has the most excited voice; what’s not to love?!?), and Elliott (super sweet voice and very gentle). 

Places you’ve been: 7 states – MA (home state), CT (directly south), FL (for a Nana & Pop visits at 3 months old), IN (for a family wedding in July), IL (during the big Midwest summer tour, plus in October for an early Thanksgiving trip), WI (during the big Midwest summer tour and for Christmas), and VT (during a Nana & Pop visit in the Fall).

Schedule: Wake up at 7:15.  Two naps a day. In bed by 7:15 p.m.  Lots of playing and eating in between there. 

We are so thankful to have this adorable boy in our family.  He’s a love bug.

I just love to feed myself yogurt. It usually requires a post-yogurt bath. Did I mention I love water bottles too? I’m a big kid now.

Didn’t I mention I needed a bath?

And didn’t I mention I’m a big kid?!? Mama and I went to the toy store while Dad, Nat, Elliott and Lala were skiing

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