Natalie is almost a germaphobe so I haven’t talked to the kids about COVID 19 until tonight. Given that G and G sadly need to cancel their plane trip out here next week, and the fact that the state of MA declared a state of emergency, I thought it was time for a real talk.

Erin: Have you heard of coronavirus for COVID 19 at school?

Natalie: No, what’s that?

elliott: No

(I explain a little)

Elliott: Well I have heard of the corolla virus.

(we have a Toyota corolla.)

Amidst all the worry that this illness is causing, its nice to have a small thing to smile about.  We’re doing what we can to prevent the spread of the illness in order to keep our most vulnerable populations safe.  We’re stopping unnecessary travel.  I’m also helping to inform the response in my school district.  We are so appreciate of all the public health officials, doctors, nurses, custodians, etc. that are working diligently during this time.



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