Covid Quarantine Day 1 of 16+

This COVID crisis has brought much pain and sacrifice to so many people. Ours has been relatively small in the scheme of things – a canceled trip by G and G, a canceled guys trip and work trip by Jordan, no school or extracurricular activities for two weeks, and intense crisis planning at work. It has also brought some blessings, which I plan to chronicle throughout.

Day 1 of 16+

A family hike down the street from our house, where Natalie let Elliott proudly lead and we had fun throwing misplaced golf balls back on the course

My dada is so strong…. he can carry me and Penny! (a penguin lovey)

Then, I spent the evening advocating to state officials to take more drastic measures for social distancing, including statewide school closures.  Here’s a sample email….

I urge you to close all schools across MA and enact other more significant social distancing efforts in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, especially among our most vulnerable populations.  As you know, I work in the Holyoke Public Schools and many of our students live with their grandparents who are most at risk.  Many also have asthma.  Although we have taken the bold step to close school for 2 weeks, we need the entire Commonwealth to act together.  Social distancing is less effective when its one city at a time.  I’m sure you’ve seen the information about the 1918 flu epidemic and the impact that the social distancing efforts made in St. Louis, greatly reducing deaths, vs. hard hit cities like Philadelphia.  I’m sure you know that the availability of tests is limited right now – your public health charts don’t even show cases in Hampden or Hamilton County, despite a news article from Baystate indicating there is likely 24 cases as of yesterday.  I’m sure you’ve seen that 12 other states and many large cities have closed: Ohio, Maryland, Oregon, New Mexico, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, Louisiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Washington and Alabama have ordered all schools closed. The governor of Kentucky has recommended closing all schools in that state. Major metropolitan districts in Atlanta, Denver, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington, D.C. and Austin, Texas have also shuttered.

Be safe and well,




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