Covid Quarantine. Day 2 of 23.

Covid social distancing day 2 of 23. Nat created a candy recipe…. vanilla chocolate chips, marshmellows, milk and powdered sugar. El had a challenge to build the full Haunted High School (9 bags, 1474 pieces) in 1 day, which he accomplished by waking up at 7 a.m. and finishing at 8:52 p.m.  Part of this included a 2.5 hour LEGO building play date (see ipad with friend Teddy).  He also stopped for lunch and dinner (not breakfast), soccer and a quick bath. We played soccer on the green, while Conor walked around a lot. And, I’ve done a fair amount of Covid communications this weekend (hence the boring last photo).

The vanilla delight!

She’s my baking buddy! (I’m her chocolate chip.) <That’s a little saying we have for each other.>

Hey, Nat, you know I don’t need you to hang onto me?!?!

See… Penny loves being outside too!

(This was a game of 360 soccer… El is protecting the goal, which is the tree.)

Challenge in progress….


Challenge competed!

I am feeling relieved the Governor enacted greater social distancing measures including 3 weeks and 1 day if no school statewide. I’m feeling anxious for low wage earners and fewer student learning opportunities.  More work tomorrow to try to do my piece to figure this out for Holyoke… while my kids read and write a letter / story at home.

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