3rd grade Poems by Natalie

Natalie – 3rd grade Poems



Cute, cuddly, dance monkey



What would be it be like to stuff my mouth with that fluffy stuff, (whipped cream)

Scared of his sister kissing him too much,

Mama lover, 

Who dreams about tons of Cheerios!


My Room

My room is as hot as a savanna, 

Stuffed animals come to life, 

The heater becomes the sun and it never seems to turn off.

My canopy becomes a tree,

While my plugs become vines, 

Books become lily pads, 

My sheets become a river, 

The papers become birds and my slime turns to quicksand.

My room is an adventure.



The leafs dance in the cool autumn breeze,

they leap

they twirl

They get down on their knees.

In the fall, they turn a bright golden red,

Then the firebirds leap off the edge, 

In the spring, they turn a spectacular green

if only, 

if only,

I could be a leaf.

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