Midwest Part 2

Now we’ve been in WI for 6 days

Green Bay

Half Moon Lake

And lots of ice cream

And also lots of calls to the doctors office. c came down with a fever Thurs night. Doc said to monitor and treat the symptoms. By Sat Am fever was 103.3 and our pediatrician said to go to urgent care. Luckily just an ear infection. Possible side effect / allergic reaction is a rash which he got After 2.5 days of that medicine. So now we stopped that and are on Benedryl for the rash. He has been crabby since he is uncomfortable. Poor little guy. (And a little bit poor mama who gets up with him at night.)


and ? Even more laughs.

trevor who wanted a V8: I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this soda. It tastes like tomatoes!

trevor playing bags: Jordan says comes on. My Grandma throws better than you! Trevors response: oh really?!

At girls night Mackenzie clearly wanted grandma to paint her nails. So I asked, you really love grandma the most huh? She said “yeah, I really missed you! And looked adoringly at Grandma. Natalie was like was not liking this. Then Nat asked who her fav cousin is. She answered Becca and Bree. Natalie had a grimaced look in her face? Then To tease me Nat asked who is your favorite aunt? She said Aunt Erin… and Uncle Howard.

randomly: Kenzie says she talks a lot and that makes her go potty

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