Midwest Part 1

An overnight road trip… we arrived at 530am and N and P took N and E while the rest of us slept. Four fun-filled days at the Linville resort. Much of the time is in water and outside so I nearly never have my phone so my pics are limited. Favorites include: the garden (C heads over there 2x a day to chow down on strawberries, raspberries and pea pods), the treehouse inspired by Natalie’s design, an amazing swim pool, lots of yummy food and treats (including milkshakes, s’mores, homemade pizza on the grill and hot dogs on the fire), and lots and lots of family time.  Clayton and Elliott also get lost in Hotwheels for hours and Wesley is just so sweet and cozy. We head to GB tomorrow and then get to come back to Barrington for more fun. We feel so fortunate and so happy to be able to visit our immediate family. It has been a tremendous pick-us-up!  We also celebrated some great dads on Sunday


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