Storytime and Girls Lunch

Given the rainy weather, we met Molly and Megan at the library for storytime (it was crazy busy – let’s hope that the Mayor’s budget cuts for libraries don’t go through) and lunch.  Molly was showing off her new ability to cruise – and remained unphased when her balance would cause her to tumble.  And, at lunch, Natalie was trying to sneak in some TV watching – between many bites of food.  (Natalie had at least 4 meals – plus milk – today; she is on a growth spurt!)  These girls are so busy – its hard to catch a picture of them both smiling and looking at the camera at the same time, so I’ve included two!

Natalie, you've gotta look at this!

Molly, you're right - that ketchup bottle is amazing! Its so red and I'm sure it makes a wonderful mess!

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