5 months

So, this is the first solo picture of Blueberry – s/he’s definitely a third.  This pic wasn’t nearly as well planned as the weekly chronicles of my growing stomach with Natalie, but it still counts.  What Blueberry misses in photos, s/he makes up in lovin’ from her/her two older siblings.  Natalie and Elliott talk to the baby a lot – in sweet voices and in super silly ones.  Elliott pointed out today that Blueberry is like a bat because s/he sleeps when I’m awake (aka during the daytime) and is awake when I’m asleep… and hangs upside down.  He is more right than he knows (esp. on the first part of that statement!)

I’ve gained about 15 lbs so far – even though the baby is just about one pound (across 15 inches!)  I’m not even sure what indigestion is, but I seem to have it most days after 12noon.  And my lower back hurts.  Apparently, people tell me I’m glowing… I think I’m tired with a double chin.  The joys of pregnancy.  I def. was never one of those ladies who loved being pregnant, but I do like feeling his/her kicks, which I’ve been able to do for about a month now.  (For Nat, I couldn’t feel the kicks until about 24 weeks – that tells you how blown out my abs are after 3 pregnancies.)  We’re excited to meet this little guy/girl…. in 4 (or a bit more) months.  Dec. 25th is the day.  (Our priest commented today how it would be great if the baby was here in time for the Christmas play… I love him.  I told him not to get his hopes up… that I was 4 and 7 days late with the other too, but that he could count on Natalie as an angel and Elliott as a cow for the play.)

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