Natalie’s 1st grade work

Page 1 of a story that Natalie wrote after her trip to Indianapolis in May

Pg 2 of the same story – check out that excellent pen(wo)manship!

A sample from Natalie’s journal – the best reading I’ve done all year. I’m ready for the sequel.

Since school starts on Thursday, we had to clean out our school bin and project bin.  Natalie swore we had already done it, but we discovered 10+ journal and compensation books, math workbooks, etc, so I think its safe to say we didn’t do it in June.  Her stack of “things to keep” was 40x higher than Elliott’s 1 cm thick of “things to keep”.  (I haven’t told her Dad this.)  I enjoyed her journal so much, that my bedtime reading later this week will be all of her stories!  She is very proud of her stories and poems and didn’t want to recycle any.  She hasn’t worked on her math workbook we bought a month ago at all – she hasn’t wanted to until tonight at 6:15pm, after a full day out, needing to eat dinner, shower, etc.  I do want to work with her on time and money though, as they didn’t do much of that in her 1st grade class.  Contrast with Elliott – who only has one page to go in his math workbook and asked me to email the school for him to work on long chains at school this summer (which he did 3 days).  Natalie definitely loves writing and drawing… Elliott loves math and make-believe wrestling/fighting.  They both like science.

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