Happy 38th Birthday Jordan!

Happy 38th Birthday Jordan!

My birthday present (which Jordan picked out and found himself) to Jordan was a hiking backpack for Conor.  Jordan tested it out around the neighborhood twice and for our big excursion, we drove a mile to Forest Park and hiked from there.  As you can see from the picture below, it worked well!  Jordan admitted Conor was quite heavy, so he’s going to build up his endurance carrying this chunky guy – who is only going to keep growing!

I also took him out to a Mediterranean restaurant for lunch – we biked there (my fav).  And, the other gift he wanted was me watching 3 episodes of the Hunger Games with him (not my TV genre, I was appalled by the first 6 min of violence in the first episode but am still sticking with it).  And, the family just went out for dinner at Max Burger tonight!  Natalie made him a chocolate pudding pie and Elliott is going to record (and dress up) Viva Las Vegas for Jordan (we’re just waiting on the Elvis t-shirt).   Conor allowed me to trace his hand for a card.

Weight: More than in college, but less than his wife at her maximum (pregnancy weight)

Height: The same as in college!  No shrinking yet.

Teeth: Still has them all, but grinds his teeth at night so he needs a mouth guard.

Hair Color: Brown, with a little more gray every year (but damn, it looks good on him – thank goodness, I’m not graying)

Schedule: Terribly erratic.  Always tries to go to bed by 10pm, but sometimes cannot sleep through the night and wakes up at 4am.

Special Talents: Carrying 2 kids up the stairs at one time, playing piano for everything from Justin Timberlake to Elvis, cooking dinner while on a conference call, and changing poopy diapers

Favorite Food: Peanut butter and lettuce

Favorite Drink: Kombucha or tea or Treehouse Brewery beer

Favorite Show: Any documentary.  Or, I guess, maybe Hunger Games – see birthday present section above

Favorite Book: I have no idea.  Some business or self-help book most likely.  He reads a lot of early chapter books. 🙂

Favorite Trip in the past Year: Saratoga Springs (with me- thanks Lala for babysitting!)  He found an amazing hotel (they treated us to a baby moon chocolate cake that we ate right from the box), walked around a cute downtown and college and experienced the springs.  Or… maybe Acadia with his BFF Tim.  Let’s pretend it was the trip with me, even though our trip was 20% as long as his Acadia trip, not nearly as strenuous or beautiful and involved a whole lot less alcohol (remember, I was pregnant!)

Favorite Trip in the upcoming Year if I was willing to go with him: Cannes, Florida (He has to go for work and has invited me a million times to join him at this amazing villa.  I’m pretty tethered to Conor, so I keep on turning him down.  Maybe we can convince the grandparents to pitch in and let us go to Europe for our 15th anniversary next summer – hint, hint as they are probably the only ones who read this blog)

I’d say he’s a keeper!

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