Field Day

The Night Before…

“Mom, I’m not going to be able to sleep.  Tomorrow, is Friday Fun Day.  We start with choice, then we have 2.5 hours of field day, then lunch (with our family), then more choice, then the egg drop, then Popsicle social.  Would you be able to sleep if you were me?” – Elliott

Field Day was a blast!  It was pretty warm.  Siblings are on the same color team, so green team rules!  We met the kids for a picnic lunch – Conor blew out his cute green outfit I had for him, so I rummaged through his bigger clothes and found a Packers 18-mo onesie (from Lisa and Rachel).  I thought he’d be swimming in it – it was roomy, but def. not big.  Conor was popular with the 5th grade girls (and then 5th grade boys).

I came back for the 2nd grade egg drop at 2pm.  Natalie came up with her idea of a parachute and padded little box all on her own.  Her egg didn’t survive the fall, but it was close to doing so.

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