Long Meddow Days

Longmeadow has an annual festival with bounce houses (sadly, Natalie felt like she was too old for them this year!), carnival-type food, trinket vendors (ugh – she did buy $5 slime though)… and bands.  Daddy McFaddy made his debut – starting with some Justin Timerblake and moving onto Elvis and many other musicians. It was an eclectic mix.  Some of Elliott’s kinder friends joined for the celebration too!  My fav parts:

  • Natalie looking adoringly at her dad while he rocked out.  She is a Daddy’s girl.
  • Jordan calling to Elliott for some help on some words during Viva Las Vegas.
  • Conor being okay with me dancing him on my lap
  • Lala’s high energy – she makes a great groupie!

Daddy McFaddy and the Meatballs (my suggestion for an addition to the band name) will hopefully play again next year….. looking for fellow musicians to join in.


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