Lentil is 30 weeks tomorrow!

Lentil is 30 weeks tomorrow!  Yeah!  I just had a doc’s appt that went very well…. besides my platelet count being a bit low, everything is normal and uneventful!  (Knock on wood.)

Here are some fun Lentil facts:
– She weighs about 3 lbs (though her Mom has gained about 20)
– She is about 16 inches long
– Broccoli is her least favorite food.  (I plug my nose when eating it.)
– She hates the smell of coffee (sorry for any visitors – no coffee brewing allowed in the Linville condo!) and cigarette smoke (no surprise there!)
– She is most active right before her parents’ bed time.  She is also active in the early morning, if I don’t get up right away for a walk, stretch or really lame work-out on the elliptical. 
– She’s getting so strong that I can sometimes see my belly shake when she rolls, jabs or kicks.  However, I don’t think she’ll be strong enough to force my belly button out (to Jordan’s dismay).

And, that’s pretty much as exciting as life gets when you are negative 10 weeks old.  Have a good day!

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  1. Jenny says:

    Awww yay I love the blog already!!! 🙂 Can’t wait til lentil is here!!

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