Toothy Grin

After months of waiting….

toothy grin

… it happened!  Natalie lost her first tooth!

When: Wed, May 25th at approximate 12:45pm

Where: At preschool, just entering the classroom

How: Just a little extra wiggle with her finger

First to find out: Ms. Bree

The Big Question (at dinner)….
Natalie: Mom, is the tooth fairy real?  Or pretend?  Real or pretend?
Me: What do you think?
Natalie: It could be real.  But it could be a fairy tale.  Kinda like the Easter bunny doesn’t really hide eggs.  Its just you and Dad.
Me: So, what do you think.
Natalie: Mom, is the tooth fairy real or is it you?
Me: (quietly so Elliott wouldn’t hear) It’s me
Natalie: I thought so!
Me: But its still a fun thing to play, so let’s just play along.
Natalie:  Yay!
Me:  And don’t tell  other kids b/c they  might believe its really but we don’t want to ruin the surprise for them.
Natalie: Why did you tell me?
Me: Well I just thought it was more important to tell the truth and then we can still just play along.
Natalie: ok!


Me: So, if we cannot find your special tooth holder that we got in NY, do you want to borrow your bro’s?  I know where his is.
Natalie: Its just for pretend so we don’t need to do that.
Me: (heart sinks) But… you want a surprise under your pillow, right?
Natalie: Oh yeah, right.  Let’s use bro’s!


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