It’s a party!!

Nana and Pop were gracious enough to host my family for the weekend. Everyone loved the Linville Manor!! All the kids played together so well. Ages 8, 7, 6, 6, 5, almost 4, 9 months and 12 days! (Okay, Wesley slept but sometimes could pop out for a short visit)


swimming when 39 degrees! (Helps that the pool was 9o and hot tub 102!)

basement play area with racing cars

fierce (okay actually super friendly) games of chess

My personal low point was the haunted house.

Haunted house was my nightmare! We were short a tix. So I was only adult. ($6 each for 3 min) Trev and Nat raced through leaving me with the four younger ones. Kenzie is crying and needs to be hold. Cam is wailing. I tell everyone to close their eyes. Elliott does but then no one is holding is hand so I ask a random teenager to hold it. Clayton was there too. I saw an emergency exit and bolted. Honestly the worst $42 I’ve spent in my entire life.


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