Happy 10 Months, Conor!

Happy 10 Months to Conor!

Conor is so fun – and mobile!  He is quick to smile and definitely happy to see us.  When we talk down the stairs in the morning, his whole body shakes with excitement as he anticipates walking into the kitchen to see Daddy, Natalie and Elliott.  Natalie just added that he has begun to be very attached to his mama… crying when I leave the room.

Gross Motor: Scoot-crawls (a mix between Elliott’s perfect crawling and Natalie’s odd bum scoot.)  Pulls himself to standing – and sometimes gracefully sits down.  He pulls himself up on everything, even on the outside of the large bath tub and then turns on the knob. Can stand on his own for up to 10 seconds.  Loves to rough house on the couch.

Favorite Foods: BLUEBERRIES (fitting, since this was his en utero nickname), BANANAS, puff, O’s.  We recently introduced peanut butter – he loves it, just like a Longmeadow Linville always does (see pick below).  I think Nat and  Jordan could eat PB for every meal.  He seemed to have a food sensitivity to dairy and eggs when he was little, but that doesn’t seem to be the case any more!  Yay!

Favorite Books: 5 little lady bugs, you aren’t dinosaur, any lift-the-flap book,  He isn’t that into Eric Carle, which was def. a Natalie favorite.

Favorite things to do: Couch-aerobics (e.g. climbs up on the couch, rolls over off the couch), pulling bins out, play kitchen toys, standing up on the play kitchen, being outside, crashing Magnatiles, rolling balls (we barely have any and need to get him some), being by his family, chewing on things, playing “boom” with Natalie, playing with his friend Sarah (who is one of Elliott’s best friend’s little sister – and the daughter of the only mom I know who is as old as me and has an infant)

Words and Sounds: Mama,Dada,ba,y,and na.(says “boom!”once and awhile.)

Schedule: His naps are definitely later than most kids’ naps.

7:15 – Wakes by 7:15, nurses, eats breakfast.
8:20 – Walks N&E to school every weekday and then plays
10:15 – 12:15 – Morning nap
12:15 – Eats lunch & play some more
1:00 – on Wed, he gets to go to a little babies class at the library
2:30 – Picks up N&E from school every weekday and then plays
4:00 – 5:00 – Afternoon nap
5:30 – Dinner & nurse
7:00 – Nurse & go to bed by 7

Yay! I get to play with the big kids!


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