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Hey, it’s Dad here.  aka Jordan.  First-time caller, long-time listener (ok, not first time.  Maybe like my fifth post).

As you can see from the blog posts, Erin has done an amazing job keeping the kids focused, happy and having fun during Coronavirus.  She’s managed to work a full-time job that has become even more intense, with hours of virtual meetings and planning for how Holyoke students get their breakfast, learn without at-home computers, and prepare for next year.

Our kids have also done a pretty awesome job of being kids.  Coronoavirus became our excuse to (finally) implement some chores around the house, so they are emptying garbage cans and unloading dishwashers.  Natalie has been particularly fantastic on helping with Conor when needed, and Elliott has been particularly fantastic on helping with yard work (including a new brick patio installation) when needed. Finally, our nanny has been fantastic with always being here with a great attitude even if it means sitting in a small playroom with a whiny 1-year old for hours on end.  It takes a village.

Elliott and Dad with a snake in the yard

Natalie reading to Conor

Neighbors have also been amazing.  Our neighbors, Mary & Todd, across the street make a routine Saturday trip to Costco, and they frequently pick up eggs or whatever else we might need.  Another neighbor picked us up stuff from CSV and another organized a scavenger hunt for the kids complete with prizes.  Finally, there is beer Jesus.  One Saturday night, I found this (see picture below) on my doorstep – a really great beer from Treehouse Brewery with the enscription:

“When you saw only one can at the front door, it was then that I carried you.”

Beer Jesus

I have no idea who Beer Jesus is, but I’ve heard of other people who have received the holy cup all over the town.

And finally, grandparents have pitched in despite the distance.  Grandma and Natalie have had frequent Facetime calls that have approached two hours – it’s like having a baby sitter.  And Nana sewed us awesome face masks which we badly needed.

So while this whole thing has been rough, it hasn’t been all bad.  We’re super lucky.  I think we’ll come out of it with two kids who can play piano, one who learned to ride a bike, all who are better at basketball, a new brick patio and lot of quality time together.  Including two new family traditions – pizza night and movie night!  We may not keep them weekly as we have been, but I think Erin and I enjoy these nights just as much as the kids!

You think you can stop me, fool?

Some of my beautiful people

I hope anyone who reads this (like, all five of you) are staying sane and, more importantly, staying healthy.  We think of our great-grandparents often: Mammaw & Pappaw (Florida), Grandma & Grandpa Linville (Indiana), and Grandma Jean (Wisconsin).  The virus seems particuarly unkind to older people and especially those living in community, but fortunately, all of them have fiery spirits which bodes well during something like this.  That’s my way of saying they are tough old geezers who have been through shit before and come out the other side. And we love them lots.



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