When Daddy’s away, the girls will play…

Jordan had an Entrpreneur Boot Camp all weekend – thankfully, it was in Chicago, so we saw him in the morning and night.  Yet, that meant the days were mother-daughter days!

On Saturday, we went to the bookstore and music class.  On Sunday, we met our good friends, Molly, Jeff and Megan, at the Children’s Museum. 


Both girls say each others’ names – Natalie is “Naa” to Molly, and Molly is “Ma” to Natalie. 

Molly, thanks for swooping in for a super quick hug!


Natalie has spent much of her past 15.5 months trying to keep up to Molly.  Today was no different.  Molly discovered what fun sorting can be – and Natalie jumped right in.

Hmmm.. should the purple fuzzy ball go in this cupcake tin or should the green one?


Despite the craziness that is free Target Sunday, Natalie got in some good walking too!

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa….

Although we missed our Dad, I’m thankful for all my Natalie time!  I think I’m finally “caught up” after my trip to Denver two weeks ago!

On a random note, I wanted to write that Natalie often waves good-bye to me when I’m putting her to sleep and leaving her room.  Its so sweet.
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