Incredibly blessed to have a visit from G&G!

I know, I know.  My blogging is definitely sub-par, relative to my peak when I was a stay-at-home mom last summer.  Nevertheless, here’s my attempt to fill you in on the highlights:

Grandma and Grandpa visited last weekend.  We feel so blessed that just over 2 months after my mom’s accident, they were able to visit!  My mom’s recovery has been amazing – we are so grateful. 

Hey Friends! I brought my G&G to class today - mind if they join in?

Grandma was especially excited to be at music class, since the other class she attended was before Natalie could walk.  Natalie definitely showed Grandma all the advantages of being a walker – from throwing scarves to catching bubbles to pounding on many different drums.

Oooo... its time for my SOLO!

And, nothing completes a G&G weekend like a trip to the park!  G&G were very impressed with Natalie going down the slide all by herself on her tummy – and side by side on the big one.  Natalie decided that Grandpa has a little learning to do when it comes to joint sliding:

Grandpa! I cannot see! Just because you wear a hood, doesn't mean that I need to wear one. I have plenty of other insulation, thank you very much! Its hard work to maintain these chubby cheeks and thighs!

After G&G headed out of town, Jordan, Natalie and I went to Molly’s Cupcakes – we cannot decide if we like Molly’s or Sweet Mandy B’s more.  Natalie was clearly happy with the decision:’

Mmm... Mmm... Mmmm.... Thanks, Mommy!

She honestly said “Mmm” with every bite.  I was pleasantly shocked tonight at dinner when she kept saying “mmm” to her Gerber green beans and Gerber veggies.  Yes, in fact, not only did she request more than one container (a first!), she also chose them over pizza!  I’m wondering if those decisions are somehow linked to her cold or teething.  Maybe they are easier to eat?
Natalie is blowing a kiss to you all – good night!
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