A fantastic Easter

Today, Natalie had a her second Easter and a fantastic one!  Scroll to the bottom for the photo montage.  We kicked it off with church at 8am, where we were 5 min late and lucky to find a seat.  Then a quick nap before meeting Nana and Pop for brunch.  Nana and Pop just moved to Chicago (down at Division and Clark) on Friday – we are soooo excited to have them here!

Brunch was delicious, and then we walked around and took some pictures in Old Town and outside our apartment in Lincoln Park.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, and Natalie was sporting a really cute purple dress that showed off her chubby arms and legs.  We “hunted” for an Easter basket, which contained bubbles, sunglasses, and eggs.  All big hits.  After attempting – and failing – to take a second nap, we make Easter cookies and went to the petting zoo.  Natalie was particularly enthralled with the baby chicks at the zoo.  And then she walked half the way home!

Walking with Natalie is sort of like escorting a really drunk, opinionated friend back from the bars.   You have to constantly be on your guard and make sure she doesn’t face-plant or get in a tussle with some oncoming dog or person.  This analogy is actually one of my better ones.

Natalie has gone from just standing to walking over 10 blocks in about 2 weeks.  Incredible progress!  She is also saying words like, “mama, “dadda” (I’m also referred to as “dad-o”), “nana,” “pop,” “bubble,” “baby,” “woof,” and “goose” (which is “guh”).  We are so lucky to have such a sweet, well-dispositioned little girl who is a ton of fun. Next year, we will dominate the Easter egg hunts!


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  1. Auntie Leah says:

    Haha I love your analogy. In other words, Natalie is constant entertainment 😉

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