Finally, the first day of school!!!

Natalie finally had her first day of “preschool” (only 4 weeks and 2 days late… thank goodness for Nana, Pop, and Noreen, a SAHM from church!)

I like this backpack! (P.S. If you're wondering what's in it... Mousey, diapers and panda water bottle)


Gotta grab a quick frappacino before class!

Natalie has had a chance to play at school a couple times, so when I strolled her down the ramp, she let out a “yeah”!  (Not quite as good as the one when approach a favorite park, but maybe that’s to come.)  She was very eager to get to class and dove into playing right away.

Mama, would you like a morning tea with some pepper in it?

Thanks for us, she did give us both a hug and kiss before we left.  Jordan peaked into the classroom after we “left”… but Natalie didn’t look back.  She’s such a sweet girl, as her teachers said today! 🙂  The only disappointing news of the day is that she should probably be a more independent eater than she is… so we’ll work on it.  That’s mama’s fault!  (This is mama writing… not dada The pics were just under his account.)

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